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Natural Wisdom  




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Note: Show and Tell shares the interests of the group , after that Project Wild Games begin each day, The park is large with varied habitats. We walk the trails and discuss whatever anyone discovers. In the past children have located a hibernating small brown bat clinging to a tree, various wild edibles, animal homes, birds, etc.

July 6 to 10 The Naturalist ($150.00 per camper)

Monday: Aquatic life, stream, pond, marsh. Find and identify tracks, locate dens, frog calls, food chains. Stalking, nature crafts (cat-tail leaf boats) Wear old shoes or water shoes.

Tuesday:Birds and reptiles. Identify birds by “flash marks”, flight patters, calls, family characteristics. Build a nest. Bird Bingo. Turtle watch.

Wednesday: Mammals in the park. Habitats, food sources, survival adaptations, role playing, prey-predator games.

Thursday: Animals without backbones. Discover insects, spiders, adaptations for survival. Economic importance, e.g. bees. Contrast body structure with mammals.

Friday:Compare habitats in park. Sample wild edibles in the park, food chains in notebooks, nature crafts, party 3:30 p.m. with parents.

July 20 to 24 The Explorer ($150.00 per camper) (Ref. based on survival guides byTom Brown Jr. Note: a short review of "bushproofing" will be given at each camp.)

Monday:Bushproofing: Clothing matters, “needs versus wants”; Research the area (topo-maps, toxic plants, wasps, predators, weather, etc); Sample ripe wild fruits. Practice observation skills, stalking, reading the trail.

Tuesday:Wildlife in the park; Find and identify tracks, look for dens, nests, burrows, browse marks, sightings, listen for calls; Find water, set up a solar still, collect dew, plant sources.

Wednesday: Orientation; Learn to locate Polaris and circumpolar constellations; Continual observation along trails– ahead, beside and behind; Pick the most comfortable spot to spend the night; Build a “mattress”, insulation for ground chill.

Thursday:Plant Resources: foods, teas, fibres, insulation, shelter, medicines, water; Make a grass rope, the “leaf game”, identify “your” tree, leaf rubbings; Build a tree.

Friday:Build a debris shelter; Wilderness first aid; Role playing. (Party with parents, 3:30 PM)

Aug 10 to 14 Earth Science ($150 per camper)

Monday: "Show and Tell", bring your favorite rocks to show the group) , explore rocks and sand along the shore.
Tuesday. Find and identify common minerals and fossils in the park.

Wednesday , soil, composition, animal homes, function of roots,

Thursday: Make crystals, Circumpolar Constellations. water studies,

Friday: Nature crafts, Review above, Explore the park. Party with parents 3:30PM.