Dandelion recipes include young tender first leaves in raw salads, older leaves cooked with roots for a high vitamin, mineral content. The roots are sweet and have an excellent taste, must be cleaned thoroughly. Roots dried, caramelized and ground make an excellent coffee substitute. Roots have also been used to make beer,flowers for wines.

.Conbine a cup or more of dandelion florets with ground ginger and rhubarb in a jam recipe using certo crystals. Both early spring plants and new plants that come up in the fall are tender and tasty enough to eat raw or cooked.

If you want fun with kids, pick long stemmed large dandelion flowers, dip the flower in a light batter, hang the stem over the side of a kettle into boiling oil, let the blossom fry long enough to turn brown and crisp. Shake on a bit of cinnamon and sugar, or eat from the stem.. This plant was valued and introduced to both this continent and later into the NWT for food and medicinal qualities. For more information, check in Mrs Grieve's Herbal.

My favorite gluten free bread

In large mixing bowl place one half cup of applesauce and another of mashed ripe banana, add 1/3 cup of cooking oil ( I use sunflower), three beaten eggs ( or one duck and two regular eggs) and a pinch of salt Mix well.

In second container measure 3/4 cup of gluten free all purpose flour, 3/4 cup of chick pea flour and 1/4 cup of sorgham flour. Combine above. Stir well, place in round flat greased pan (pie plate), sprinkle on cinnamon, bake at around 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Done when brown and firm on top, (great wth dandelion jam). Experiment with flours, even one cup or more of chick pea flour with half or so one of the gluten free all purpose. Experiment, other flours should result in something edible.